name is André i’m 11 years old My birthday is 18th of January.In my
family we are five,me,my dad Kaw Thaw Htoo,my mum Ahlum,
my little sister Cecilia and my older sister Fanny. Cecilia’s birthday is on 3rd February and she’s 8 years old
and Fanny’s birthday is on 7th April and Fanny is almost 15 years old.

My dad live in a apartment and the colour of it is kind of brown and its made of bricks,also
take it only 3-5 minutes to go to the school from my dad’s home.
My mom live in a apartment too and the colour of it is grey,yellow and blue I think.
And i live close to my friends Rebin and Mohamed. It takes almost 9 minutes to walk.

In my spare time I like to play football with my friends and I like to go out and walk a little bit
with my friends or something. And my two favourites idol name is Alan Walker and Martin Garrix.
My favourite music name is Firebeats Helicopter by Martin Garrix and Faded by Alan Walker.
My favourite food is pancake with jam,tacos and pizza. And my favourite games is Gta 5,SleepingDogs,Fifa and black ops3.
What i want to work with when i’m older:I want to be a football player or work at mc’donalds.

My favourite youtubers is VanossGaming,Golden Modz,Vlad Reiser,KSI,PewDiePie,David Parody and ComedyShortsGamer and WolfieRaps.
What I like about school is I can meet friends and learn thinks. My favourite numbers is 10 and 11. My favourite colors is lime green,
black and purple.And my favourite countrys is Thailand and Canada because my favourite youtubers comes from Canada,its VanossGaming.
My favourite animals is tiger and dogs. And thinks i like to do is:play piano,play drums at the phone,hang out with friends,play games
and ofcourse I love to play football with friends. My favourite subjects are math,english,PE,crafts,sience and I and I love music.
And yeah thats it:)


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